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About Davis Home Furnishings & Flooring

Davis Home Furnishings & Flooring is your premiere one-stop-shop furniture store for everything your home or office could need. Based in Reedsburg, WI, we provide solutions for space transformations, including flooring, furniture, window coverings, and more.

Our team is dedicated to supplying clients with products and services that will make your space a beautiful one. Whether you want to revamp your kitchen floors with new tile or add a cozy carpet to your bedroom, we deliver the surface solutions you need while providing exceptional customer service.

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Our Story

Chad and Tracey Davis bought the 30-year-old business from the previous owners in 2016. They both grew up and have raised their three daughters in Reedsburg, WI. Chad came into the industry with a background in building and remodeling homes, measuring and installing flooring, trim, and more.

Chad had experience in owning a business and wanted to take this opportunity. Chad and Tracey have a passion for helping others, whether in their church, business, community, or family. They have a servant’s heart and are here to help in any way.

What Sets Us Apart

As dedicated professionals with a passion for helping others, Chad and Tracey Davis incorporate that passion into everything they do. They work hard to help clients understand what they are purchasing and what is best for their unique space.

Chad and Tracey encourage clients to try DIY flooring projects and are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Chad also has experience building and remodeling homes, so he understands what products are best for what situations. Our installers also have over 20 years of experience.

Speak with one of our staff members about your next project! Contact us at 608-524-3339 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the best flooring option for my home or business?

You need to decide between carpet or a hard surface (luxury vinyl, hardwood, VCT, tile). Carpet is warmer and less expensive however it will not last as long as a hard surface. Carpet is harder to keep clean and you will have a wear pattern in the walkways and/or on the stairs. Luxury vinyl and hardwood will scratch so you will need to keep that in mind as well. You will need felt pads under all furniture. The lighter the hard surface, the less you will see the scratches.

What is the best option for luxury vinyl, floating or glue down?

You need to have a very flat surface in order to install a floating luxury vinyl because the click will not hold if your surface is wavy or has any large humps. All of our floating has the underlayment attached so you do not need to have that added cost. Glue down luxury vinyl is flexible and conforms better to the slopes in the surface You do need a 1/4″ birch underlayment to glue the luxury vinyl to so that does add to the cost. If you damage the glue down luxury vinyl all you have to do is heat up that piece and replace it with a new piece. If you damage a click luxury vinyl, you will need to cut out that damaged piece and it will need to be glued in.

Do you provide installation services for the product you sell?

Yes, we provide carpet, tile, luxury vinyl, hardwood, VCT, and blind installations for the products we sell. We do not install or service products from other stores.

How long does the installation process typically take?

We can tear out and install around 800 square feet of carpet a day. If you have stairs or landing that need wrapping it can take another day. In order to tear out, prep the floor, and install a hard surface it can take anywhere from 2 days to over a week depending upon the size of the area. We can usually install 800-1000 sf feet in a week. A tile backsplash usually takes a day to install and then the next morning for grout application. A custom tile shower takes approximately a week to prep shower and install tile. If we need to tear out the old shower it will take another few days. Graber blinds can be installed in just a few hours.

Can your company provide flooring installation for both residential and commercial projects?

We do both commercial and residential installations.

Can your company remove and dispose of the old flooring?

Yes we can do the job from start to finish including:

How do I request a quote or schedule a consultation with your flooring company?

You can give the store a call to schedule a time to measure or a consult. If you have extensive questions it is best to schedule a time to make sure we can focus on your needs.

What types of furniture does your company offer?

We offer the Ashley Signature Series and Flexsteel.

What is your return or exchange policy?

We can exchange most furniture pieces as long as it is not damaged, not from a smoking home, or more than 2 days from purchase. We cannot exchange any mattress after it has been delivered or taken from the store.

Do you deliver furniture?

There is a fee to have furniture delivered. We are very diligent in keeping our prices competitive so we must add the delivery fee in.

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